Arena Guide

The Arena in Clone Evolution is unlocked at Commander Level 18 and currently is the only direct PvP element of the game.

It’s a ladder system with rankings and has daily diamond rewards and special end of seasonal rewards.

You can obtain special portraits for reaching certain rating milestones and for finishing the season in a certain position.

You will win Arena Points for every win, the amount will depend on the rating.

The Arena Store can be quite lucrative early on, and provide some extremely good gear rewards. If you’re just starting out, it’s worth doing.

You can be attacked while offline, and there is no limit to the amount of times that someone can fight you.

You’ll need to setup a team to defend yourself in the “Tactics” section. The team selected here is also used during Guild Boss battles. It’s also used on the rankings ladder

Cross Server Battle
This is the exact same as Arena, except you will fight players from other servers. If you’re new to the game you will probably be on a new server which won’t have this unlocked yet.

Portrait Rewards

King 1 (End of Season Reward)

Rewarded for being rank #1 at the end of an arena season.

King 20 (End of Season Reward)

Rewarded for being ranked in the top 20 at the end of an arena season.


Rewarded for reaching the King rank during an arena season.


Rewarded for reaching Master rank during an arena season.


Rewarded for reaching Diamond rank during an arena season.

Arena Rating Ranks

2000 – King
1800 – Master
1600 – Diamond
1400 – Platinum
1300 – Gold
1200 – Silver
1100 – Bronze
1000 – Iron

Daily Arena Rewards

These rewards are handed out on a daily basis.

1200 Diamonds
2160 Diamonds
3140 Diamonds
4120 Diamonds
5100 Diamonds
6-1090 Diamonds
11-2080 Diamonds
20-3060 Diamonds
31-5055 Diamonds
51-8050 Diamonds
81-12045 Diamonds
121-15040 Diamonds
151-20035 Diamonds
201-30030 Diamonds
301-40025 Diamonds
401-50020 Diamonds
501-60015 Diamonds
601-80012 Diamonds
801-100010 Diamonds
1000-14008 Diamonds
1401-20007 Diamonds
2001-40006 Diamonds
4001-500005 Diamonds

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