Casino Guide

The Casino provides a way to randomly obtain a variety of different things by spinning the wheel and landing on a certain prize.

You’ll need to acquire Casino Tokens in order to spin.

You can spin the wheel 10 times for a cost of 8 tokens if you’re at VIP 2. It doesn’t sound like a huge amount, but it will provide you with a huge amount of value in the long run.

Be warned, the Casino is not very kind on the RNG side of things and you can probably expect to roll many times until you win the specific prize you want. The Purple Clones seem to have the lowest odds to obtain.

It does however seem like there is some kind of bad luck protection involved, so the more times you spin the better odds of receive a clone are. This is capped out at around 1000 spins.

Casino Event

During this event every spin in the Casino rewards one point. You’ll need a total of 800 points/spins to obtain all of the rewards.

If you’re VIP 3 or higher you will only need to spin 640 times, as you unlock the 10x Spin function that costs 8 tokens.

Casino Types

There’s 2 different types of the Casino – “General” & “Royale“.

The General Casino is the basic version, and the one you will mostly be using throughout playing the game.

The Royale Casino has more lucrative prizes, however the Tokens for it are much harder to obtain. You also do not benefit from 10x roll costing 8, instead it costs the full 10.


When you spin, there’s 2 different items you can win – “Limited Supply” and “Unlimited Supply“.

Once you win the roll for a limited item you will not be able to obtain it again unless you refresh.

The unlimited items can be obtained as many times as you want.

The majority of items you win will be in the unlimited category, and they will be the major hurdle in obtaining the rarer items.

Limited Supply

  • Purple Clones
  • Blue Clones
  • Orange Equipment
  • Purple Crystals
  • Purple Chips
  • Transgenic Enzymes
  • Blue Scrolls

Unlimited Supply

  • Purple Equipment
  • Ore
  • Chromosome
  • Gold
  • Blue I-Robot

Farming Casino Tokens

One of the best and most reliable ways to farm Casino Tokens is through the Friends Shop. If you can build up a good list of friends that will trade Purple or Red Roses then you can easily gather enough tokens per month to complete every Casino Event.

You’ll need at least VIP 2 to send Red Roses.

Completing Tavern Tasks is also a good way to farm Tokens. You might have to refresh the list a few times to get tasks with them though.


  • Save your Casino Tokens for the next Casino Event for maximum value.
  • Don’t refresh once you find a clone you want. The more you spin, the better chance you have to obtain it.
  • Being VIP 2 will make the Casino Event much easier to complete.

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