Chip Center Guide

The Chip Center is where you can level and upgrade Chips.

Chips can be slotted into heroes, and have a single stat on them.

The higher the level and quality of the chip, the more stats it provides.

Leveling Chips

The only way to level Chips is by consuming other ones.

The most efficient way to level them is by consuming EXP Chips (Grey). These have no stats on them and they are only earned from the Dungeon.

Upgrading Chips

You can upgrade Chips by consuming Crystals.

The higher the quality of the Crystal, the better the chance of upgrading the Chip is.

Farming Chips and Crystals

The main way to acquire Chips and Crystal is through the Dungeon.

You can obtain them from other sources, such as the Casino, Supply Depot and certain Events, but the Dungeon is the best and most reliable way.

Qualities of Chips

There are 4 different qualities of Chips; Green, Blue, Purple & Orange.

The normal max level for Chips is 20, but Orange Chips can be leveled to 30.

Chip Stats

  • Attack
  • Tenacity
  • HP
  • Defense
  • Speed
  • Crit Rate
  • Crit Damage
  • Dodge

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