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Events in Clone Evolution are one of the most important and lucrative aspects of the game.

They provide a significant amount of resources that will further your heroes progress.

You can also obtain the extremely rare Vibranium Coin currency, which cannot be earned anywhere else in the game (apart from buying special event packs if/when they’re active). Vibranium Coin is used for buying purple specific heroes.

There’s currently 4 different Limited Events that are rotated on a weekly basis. That means that there is always one specific event up at any given time.

After 4 weeks, the cycle resets and the events will occur in the same order again.

It’s a good idea to plan ahead and save any currency for the next event.

The tl;dr of things to save: Casino Tokens, Bounty Bullets, Bottle Openers, Arena Tickets & Clone Blueprints If next event is close.

Limited Event Schedule

Bounty Event & Infinite Fighting Ring

Casino & Super Casino (Currently Active)

Tavern & Arena

Advanced Clone & Perfect Clone

Bounty Event

The total number of Vibranium Coins obtainable from this event is 6.


Every day during this event you can enter the Bounty Mission building and complete 8 different bounties.

You can refresh the bounties as many times as you want, however refreshing does not reset the amount you can do per day (currently 8).

The best to do during the Bounty Event is to keep refreshing the bounties until you get 5 Star Missions. They provide much better rewards.

Infinite Fighting Ring

This event is pretty simple. You continually fight one boss, with each one getting stronger and stronger.

Most of the rewards are gold and DNA fragments. However, if you encounter an Easter Egg Robot you can obtain better rewards such as gear.

Tip: If you’ve 10 tokens or more it’s much faster to just click “10 Times” and the fight will be completed instantly instead of having to load it and fast forward.

Fighting Rings:
Fight Trainer – Commander Level 20+
Special Forces – Commander Level 60+
Seal Marine – Commander Level 90+
Super Killer – Commander Level 130+
Epic Hero – Commander Level 170+

10 – 5x Casino Token, 50x Fiber
30 – 2x Advanced Clone Blueprint, 100x Fiber
70 – 2x Supreme Token, 200 x Fiber
150 – 15x Transgenic Enzyme, 300x Fiber
300 – 2x Perfect Clone Blueprint, 400x Fiber
500 – 50x Multi-Gene Fragment, 3x Vibranium Coin

Casino Event

The total number of Vibranium Coins obtainable from this event is 6.

During this event every spin in the Casino rewards one point. You’ll need a total of 800 points/spins to obtain all of the rewards.

If you’re VIP 3 or higher you will only need to spin 640 times, as you unlock the 10x Spin function that costs 8 tokens.

20 – x2 Advanced Clone Fragments, 200k Gold
50 – 1000x Ore, 200x iRobot Fragment (Fire)
100 – 300x DNA Fragments, 1x Perfect Clone Blueprint
200 – 2x Supreme Token, 800x Fiber
300 – 2x Supreme Token, 2x Perfect Clone Blueprint
450 – 50x Purple Hero Fragment, 2x Supreme Token
600 – 50x American Bison Fragment
800 – 25x Orange Hero Fragment, 6x Vibranium Coin

Tavern & Arena Event

The total number of Vibranium Coins obtainable from this event is 9.


During this event you’ll earn rewards for completing a certain amount of Tavern Tasks.

The hardest part of it is getting enough purple tasks done. The general strategy (for low VIP) is to save all of your Bottle Openers for this event and use them to reset tasks and then refresh them with Diamonds until you get purple ones.

Completing these milestones will be significantly easier if you’ve unlocked VIP Tavern Tasks. That’s because VIP Tasks can only be blue and purple (or red if it’s during the Spring Event), so refreshing them to get purple tasks will be easier.

A VIP task is unlocked at VIP level 2, 5, 7, & 10.

Tavern Task Requirements & Rewards:

Task Color#Rewards
Casino Token x5, Arena Ticket x10
Advanced Clone Blueprint x5, Ore x2000
Supreme Token x4, Vibranium Coin x3
Purple Crystal x3, Chromosome x120
Supreme Token x3, Transgenic Enzyme x20
Perfect Clone Blueprint x2, Ore x3,000
Purple Fragment x50, Transgenic Enzyme x50
Purple Clone Fragments x50 Purple Resilence Chip
Orange Orange Fragments x10, Vibranium Coin x3

This event requires two things — winning in arena & reaching 2 rating milestones.

The ratings requirements & rewards are:
1800+ Transgenic Enzyme 25x, Supreme Token x3
Purple Fragment x50, Casino Token x50

Victory Requirements & Rewards:

10Diamonds x100, Ore x500
30Advanced Clone Blueprint x3
60Gold x1.2 Million, Bottle Openers x5
90Diamonds x400, Casino Token x16
120Transgenic Enzyme x10, Ore x1500
150Vibranium Coin x3

Clone Event

The total number of Vibranium Coins obtainable from this event is 9.

This event is pretty simple. You receive points for using clone blueprints in the gene bank.

Advanced Clone Blueprint = 1 Point
Perfect Clone Blueprint = 6 Points

Points Requirements:

10Advanced Clone Blueprint x4
30Perfect Clone Blueprint x2, Bounty Bullet x30
60Perfect Clone Blueprint x3, Fiber x200
120Perfect Clone Blueprint x4, DNA Fragments x300
200Supreme Token x10, Transgenic Enzyme x30
300Purple Hero, Vibranium Coin x3
400Purple Hero, Replacement Card
475Purple Hero
550Purple Hero Fragments x50, Replacement Card
600Vibranium Coin x6

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