Expedition Guide

The expedition is a bit like a rogue-lite mini-game challenge.

There’s currently 9 battles in total in each expedition.

When your heroes die, they cannot be used again until the expedition is refreshed.

The health and rage of your heroes is carried over between fights.

You get one “Refresh” per day, but to do it more costs Diamonds.

Each battle rewards a chest when beaten. The rewards can vary from gear to clone fragments. Every fight gives some Expedition Coins that are used in the Expedition Store.

It’s possible for orange gear to drop from the chests.


  • Having a healer such as Elizabeth in your team can make it easier to progress.
  • The Earth Institute’s “Shield I” talent is quite strong for it as the shield is activated at the start of every battle.
  • Leveling and gearing up lots of characters will make completing the whole expedition a lot easier. Extra Tanks are especially good as they will likely die or lose HP first.
  • If you’ve got enough heroes for multiple heroes, use the weaker team first as each battle increases in difficulty.
  • Using characters with high dodge on your frontline can work really well. The high dodge characters are Honest Abe, Cleopatra & Son of Black Hole.

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