Gene Bank Guide

The Gene Bank allows you to randomly obtain new clones.

It’s very random because the pool of clones you can obtain is fairly large when combining all the different qualities and the amount of clones currently in the game.

Getting the exact clone you want may take some time and a bit of luck.

The only clones that cannot be obtained from this are Red ones.

Ordinary Clone

Only Grey Clones, Green Clones & Blue Clones can be obtained from this.

You can use it for free once every 3 hours.

Advanced Clone

Guaranteed to be either a Green Clone, Blue Clone or Purple Clone.

You can use this for free once every 48 hours.

It costs 250 Diamonds to use once, however if you use the 10x option the price per use is cut to 200 Diamonds.

A good way to farm these is by refreshing the Casino until it has 3 of them as a prize. If you’re using the 10x Spin function you can get a decent amount of them if you’ve got a lot of Casino Tokens. Best to do it during the Casino Event.

Perfect Clone

Guaranteed to be either a Blue Clone, Purple Clone or very rarely an Orange Clone. The “Blueprint” required to use this is pretty rare. You can obtain them from complete even goals and buying event packs.

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