Institute Guide

The Institute is a talent tree that provides basic stat boosts and buff effects for all of your heroes. Some of the buffs that can be obtained are extremely strong for certain aspects of the game.

For example, the Earth tree has a buff that gives all heroes in your team a shield for 20% of their total HP at the start of each round. That is very powerful for Bounties, Expedition and Campaign levels with multiple rounds.

You can only have one technology active at any given time, however you can freely switch between them for free whenever you want.

There’s currently 5 different ones to choose from; Electricity, Fire, Water, Earth, Chaos/Order.

You unlock points by upgrading technology. You do that by consuming heroes.

Once you’ve reached a new level in the technology you unlock a point that can be spent in the talent tree. It’s a fairly linear progression system, however you can choose between 2 different stat boosts for each row.

Investing points in all trees also unlocks certain stat boosts to all of your heroes depending on how many points you have spent.


  • Never consume Blue heroes or higher. They are better off used for evolving other heroes in the Darwin Lab.
  • Always save any Grey and Green heroes that you obtain to upgrade your Institute Tech.

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