New “Spring Event” is Coming!

A brand new special seasonal event has been announced! This time it’s a “Spring Event”.

It should start on February 1st, 2019 and end on February 16th, 2019.

The exact times are subject to change and will be slightly different depending on your time zone.

Event Schedule and Rewards

Chip Replacement Event
Event time: 2019/02/01 0:00 – 2019/02/14 23:59
During the Spring event, a special chip will undergo replacement.

Additional gifts in daily tasks
Event time: 2019/02/01 0:00 – 2019/02/14 23:59
Some food material and lucky bag for spring exchange event can be obtained from daily tasks.

Spring Tavern Event
Event time: 2019/02/01 0:00 – 2019/02/07 23:59
Hotels may provide red tasks during this event. Clearing these red tasks will earn the chance to obtain a lucky bag as well as food material.

Spring Exchange Event
Event time: 2019/02/01 0:00 – 2019/02/16 23:59
During this new event, Commanders can collect Food Materials to exchange different food. Exchanged food can open rich rewards!

Special Daily Login Rewards
2019/02/01 – 2019/02/07: 3x Arena ticket, 1x Lucky bag
2019/02/07 – 2019/02/14: 1x Advanced Clone Blueprint, 1x Lucky bag

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