Supply Depot Guide

The Supply Depot is a marketplace for a range of items that can be bought with specific currency that is earned in the game.


  • Buy everything that is on sale for Gold.
  • The Gear from Arena can be extremely strong when you’re just starting out in the game.
  • The Guild Shop has a lot of useful items. Finding a guild ASAP is recommended. You might even want to just make your own guild and attack a smaller Guild Boss if you can’t find one to join.

Supply Depot

Random items can be bought with Gold & Diamonds. The list of items can be refreshed once daily, and any time with 30 Diamonds.


This requires VS Tokens, which are awarded from winning Arena matches. Specific gear and blue/purple clone fragments are available to purchase. Cannot be refreshed.


This requires Tavern Tokens, which can be earned by completing Tavern Tasks. You can purchase Chromosome, Transgenic Enzyme & specific Blue/Purple clone fragments. Cannot be refreshed.


This requires Expedition Tokens, which can be earned by completing Expedition fights. Blue/Purple clone fragments can be purchased. Cannot be refreshed


This requires friend tokens that can be earned by receiving different kinds of Flowers from friends. Cannot be refreshed.


This requires Guild Tokens which are awarded by signing into the guild every day and attacking guild bosses. You can purchase very powerful gear, iRobot fragments, Chip Crystals & Chips. Cannot be refreshed.

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