Tier List

List isn’t finalized. If you have any suggestions, let us know!

This is a very basic tier list for early game. Based on heroes when they reach 5 stars.

Only heroes that can be max Gold/Orange are listed. Excluding Pumpkin Monster & Santa Clause as they are not realistically obtainable right now for a new player.

The general opinion of most players is that you should focus on heroes that at minimum can become red, and preferably be the base hero for it, otherwise you’re just wasting enzyme.

With that said, you can’t just obtain the exact heroes you want or the game would obviously be a lot easier. You still need to progress through the early game, so don’t always get hung up on focusing on the absolute best heroes. Work with what you’ve got and plan ahead for what to upgrade.

Improvements and other lists coming soon!


Tank: Defensive hero that soaks damage.
Damage Dealer: Only deals damage to the enemy.
Support: Provides buffs, heals and shields for allies.
Healer: Capable of healing allies.

Red Ingredient

Main: The main hero that is consumed, all EXP and stars are passed onto the red hero.
Side: The side hero that is consumed, none of its EXP or stars are passed onto the red hero.

TierHeroRed IngredientRoleSystem
S+Undead RasputinMain, Side x2SupportChaos
S+Wright BrothersMainDamage DealerElectricity
S+Wrestling KingMain, SideTankElectricity
S+Son of Black HoleSide x3SupportOrder
S+Empress WuMainDamage DealerWater
S+Qin Shi HuangSideTank, SupportEarth
S+Panther ShooterMainDamage DealerFire
SLady LightholderMainHealerWater
SRobinMainDamage DealerEarth
SHarsh AssassinSideTank, SupportEarth
SVincent Van GoghNoneTankEarth
SLyu BuNoneDamage DealerFire
A+Symphony DMainSupportFire
A+Honest AbeSideDamage DealerEarth
A+Rising Moon WarriorMain, SideDamage Dealer, SupportEarth
A+OnmyojiMain, SideDamage DealerChaos
AJuly.CaesarMainDamage DealerEarth
AElizabethMain, SideHealerOrder
ARock GodNoneSupportElectricity
B+Social PresMainTank, SupportElectricity
B+KimNoneTank, SupportWater
BFounding FatherSideDamage DealerElectricity
BLittle DipperSideTankFire
BGenghis KhanMain, Side x3TankChaos
BHerr WolfSideDamage DealerChaos
BPeace ManSideHealer, Damage DealerOrder
BDariusSideDamage Dealer, TankChaos
C+HanzoSide x2Support, Damage DealerFire
CUncle JoeSideDamage Dealer, SupportWater
CPoet WilliamSideDamage DealerEarth
CAmerican BisonSideTankOrder
DFat ChillSide x4Tank, SupportOrder
DCatholic HeroSideTank, SupportElectricity


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    4th May 2019

    Um, sorry suggestion, I would like to know where Boudicca would be on this list?

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