Tips & Tricks – The Basics

These are some basic tips about the game that can help out your progress and save time early on.

More to be added soon!

General Stuff

Make sure to claim your campaign rewards every 8 hours. You don’t want to fall behind on Commander EXP on your server because there isn’t many ways to catch up.

Gear from arena can be really good when you’ve just started playing. Try to do arena as much as possible, minimum being using the free tokens every day.

Gold is completely useless after a while, spend it in the Supply Depot whenever possible.

To make the most out of events, you should save things that are used for them until that specific event is active

Complete all the Daily Tasks that reward diamonds. You want to complete at least 10 for the 100 diamonds reward.

Save all your Grey/Green heroes for the Institute. Don’t use any others for it.

Spending Money

VIP 3 is very useful and worth getting if you’re willing to spend a bit of cash.

The Lifetime card is the best value purchase you can make. The other cards are great as well.

You shouldn’t really need to directly buy Diamonds as you can earn a lot of them in-game, and you’ll get even more with the daily cards. It depends how hardcore you want to progress on your server though.

Social / Guild

MAKE FRIENDS! Fill your friends list up and exchange flowers. Preferably at least Purple flowers. This can be a really great way to obtain Casino Tokens, Ore & DNA.

Don’t be afraid to replace inactive people from your friends list.

Join a guild ASAP and sign-in to it every day.

Fight the Guild Boss as much as possible when it is up. It rewards very good gear.

Buy iRobots from the guild store to level up new heroes.

Try not to attack guild members in Arena.


Leveling up your gear is probably the most efficient way of gaining power.

1-Tap Equip is fine in the beginning, but eventually it won’t always equip the best gear so you’ll have to check it manually.

Yellow gear has set bonuses and are generally worth at least 30+ levels over purple gear.

Don’t forget your set bonuses! Make sure you’re using the same set on your heroes.

Disassemble all blues. They’re bad.

Ignore Forging, it’s not worth it.

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